Sunday, November 17, 2013

singapore seafood republic

We tried Singapore Seafood Republic the other week. If I remember correctly, this restaurant was originally a buffet type, which is why we've never tried them.

I ordered the Mee Goreng. It was my first time trying this so I'm not too sure if it was authentic, but it was spicy and really delicious, though I wish they had had more seafood on it like the picture on their menu.

I really liked the crispy shrimp chips that came alongside this dish too.

Satoshi ordered their spicy shrimp, this came with some rice.

Both orders came with salads.

We liked the laid back atmosphere of this restaurant and that it wasn't too crowded or noisy.

We'll be back.

Singapore Seafood Republic
Daimaru Umeda 14F
Umeda, Osaka
Phone: 06.6347.1160
Lunch 11:00-16:00, Tea 15:30-16:30, Dinner 17:00-23:00
Closed when Daimaru is


KirkK said...

I love the bright colors of the dishes!

K and S said...

these dishes were definitely appealing Kirk :)

Take care.

Rowena said...

We usually never check out buffet type places either (I just think the food is gonna be so-so), so it was funny to eat buffet-style at that westie outing we attended in September. Wish I could say positive things like you did for this place.

K and S said...

reasons why we don't eat at buffet places Rowena, 1) Kat can't eat her worth of food, 2) Satoshi will overeat...

Take care.