Thursday, December 05, 2013

just a little more fall foliage..

Last Saturday, the weather was beautiful. Sunny and clear, but still very cold.

Still, I got Satoshi out of the house and we went to check out the fall colors in Ikeda.

It had been years since we went to the ruins of the Ikeda Castle.

The view is pretty spectacular.

The ruins are very tiny compared to other places.

They had a pond filled with koi (carp).

They even had a machine where you could buy them some food for 100 yen...though they weren't interested in eating disappointing!

The trees that got the most sun were the reddest!

From the ruins we walked towards the mountain and came upon this huge gingko tree.

Against the mountain are two temples..Yoshunji and Daikoji.

We thought this dragon was painted on the wall, but it was a relief sculpture.

And then we went back down all the stairs and back towards the station.

Along the main road back to the station there are many objet.

I really liked this one titled "I ♡ Ikeda" (Just in case that heart didn't show up, it says "I heart Ikeda")...

The early mornings and evenings seem to be coldest these days. At least most days have been sunny.

How's the weather where you are?


Rowena said...

Chilly mornings and evenings but during the day....geez, we were up to 14°C today! Gorgeous colors going on over there - nice ^-^

K and S said...

yeah I think we were up to 14 or 15C yesterday too, Rowena!

Take care.

kb said...

Cold snap! Down in the 20s (F), and very light snow flurries today! ~Kris

K and S said...

yipes that is cold Kris! stay warm :)

Take care.