Monday, December 23, 2013

this year's stollen

Had to "wing-it" for this year's Stollen.

I didn't have Rum to soak the fruits and nuts in.

I was going to use Grand Marnier, like I did before, but didn't have enough, so I soaked it in Amaretto instead.

Also, I only used orange peel and dried cherries. For the nuts, I used almonds and walnuts.

I shared most of this with Satoshi's German class.

I am wondering what to do with the alcohol that I soaked the fruits in. Some of my twitter friends gave me some suggestions, but if you have some, just write them here.

I hope Satoshi's classmates enjoy the Stollen.

p.s. today is a National Holiday, Happy Birthday to the Emperor of Japan!


Rona Y said...

Use it as a syrup for pancakes, crepes, or ice cream (mix it with some simple syrup if you're using it on pancakes or crepes).

Add some to coffee.

Brush pound cake or sponge cake with it.

Add a bit to chocolate ganache which you will then use to make truffles or hot chocolate.

Drink it straight! (in small does, of course!)

KirkK said...

A lot of my friends love using amaretto in baking......I've used it to make a syrup for ice cream. Though I really don't have a sweet tooth.

K and S said...

Thanks Rona! love the last tip, lol :)

Thanks Kirk!

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

haha...I was thinking what Rona said at the end. She has some great ideas that would never have occurred to me.

K and S said...

lol Thanks Rowena :)

Take care.