Tuesday, December 24, 2013

some things I'm liking...(disliking)

A short list of some things I'm liking, disliking...

Pablo, a popular cheesecake shop in Osaka, teamed up with Family Mart's +Sweets brand and is now selling these tiny cheesecake tarts at Family Mart.

The crust was a little burnt, and there is a sweet gelee that tops this cheesecake.

I don't think I would buy this one again, but it was nice to try.

This corn snack flavored with Go-Go Curry. I've never tried the curry from Go-Go Curry, but now know that they have a shop in Kyoto, so the next time I'm there, I hope to try them.

The chips starts out a little sweet and then the spices and heat kick in.

I also found an instant curry by Go-Go. This like the chips starts out a little sweet and then the spices and heat kick in.

A nice thing about this instant curry was that there were two pouches in the box. Usually when you buy instant curry there is only one pouch.

Another snack I am liking is Ottoto (oh-tote-toe).

This is a potato snack that is baked. Recently they came out with a Rilakuma version. Rilakuma is a popular character.
It was fun trying to find the Rilakuma shapes amongst the sea creature shapes.

There is another version where you look for the Rilakuma shapes amongst the zoo animal shapes.

What are you enjoying?


K said...

Omg, Ohtohtoh, I loved those when I was little! And I love Rilakkuma now so these are perfect haha.

K and S said...

maybe your mom could send you some K :)

Take care.