Tuesday, July 22, 2014

down to earth

IMG_7556 Love the salad bar at Down to Earth.

For $9.99 (plus tax) per pound, you can get an assortment of different salads.

I really like the curried quinoa, though I took more shredded beets...

What have you been enjoying?


KirkK said...

Man, Down to Earth....they've been open since 1977.....used to be all the "hippies" went there. Now we're all hippies huh, Kat! ;o)

Rowena said...

We've been enjoying melons (cantalopes) although it's always hit and miss when it comes to ripe perfection. Either they're ready to eat or not at all, and I picked up 6 large ones recently. Been leaving them out to sit on the counter (one at a time), in hopes that they'll ripen enough.

apricot said...

I love salad!
Looks so delicious:)

K said...

Looks very colorful!

K and S said...

lol true Kirk :)

ooh melons, Rowena, hope they were all sweet :)

Thanks Apricot :)

and delicious K!

Take care everyone.