Sunday, July 27, 2014


IMG_7589 I love riding the bus here.

Especially when it saves me the stress of looking for parking in some areas of Honolulu.

They recently changed how the transfer system works. Instead of only being able to transfer once, now you can transfer twice within the two hour period that they give you on the transfer ticket.

I also love how the google maps app on my smartphone will tell me the bus schedule here in Hawaii.

Super convenient and accurate too!


KirkK said...

That looks good. I always thought Hawaii has great mass transit in town.

Rowena said...

Geez, a lot has changed since I last used the bus to get around Honolulu. How much does a ticket cost?

K said...

Looks like a very user-friendly transportation system!

K and S said...

town yes, us guys out in the country, not so, Kirk, so I'm glad it is getting better :)

$2.50 now Rowena, so I'm loving the 2 stop transfer :)

indeed K!

Take care everyone.