Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I saw this beer on Tabera (Japan's foodie Instagram) and when I saw it at a upscale market, I decided to check an import market near our area.

They had the beer and it was a little cheaper than the upscale market's price...whoo!

At 750 mililiters this amount was similar to a bottle of wine...The name of the beer, Inedit, means "never been done" in Spanish. Created by Ferran AdriĆ  of El Bulli in 2008, he wanted a beer to "accompany and compliment modern gastromy".

This beer has some spices like coriander, liquorice and orange peel.

The little booklet that comes with the bottle suggest foods like starters, salads, fatty fish...citrus, that is what I served.

kale chips and roasted cauliflowers, both tossed in a lemon balsamic dressing before roasting.

It was the first time making kale chips for me, I liked the crunchiness of the kale!

Caciocavallo, a cheese that reminded us of mozzarella, that is made in Hokkaido.

I've been wanting to try this cheese for some time, I'm glad we got to. So good melted!

I also made some fragrant chickpea salad.

And I marinated some sliced onions with some sliced lemon, vinegar, sugar and olive oil. I steamed some asparagus and topped it with some smoked salmon, the sliced onions and drizzled a little of the vinaigrette.

They suggest you serve this in a white wine glass.

Different to drink beer this way, but with all the different foods, the fruity notes really matched the foods, so good!

We also had some bread laden with two types of olives.

I'm glad we got a chance to try this!

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K said...

Looks great! Following your IG now :o) @kay819

K and S said...

Thanks Jalna :)

I'm following you too K! Thanks!

Take care you two.

Phil said...

Wow the beer looks very interesting! And what a wonderful dinner! What's the alcohol content? I will try to get my hands on it!

K and S said...

Hey Phil, hope you can find it! The alcohol content is 4.8%. let me know what you think if you try it:)

Take care!

Rowena said...

Glad you got to try the Inedit. Dang, what a feast! Any leftovers?

K and S said...

Rowena, nope, but if you guys are coming over, I'll make the same menu :)

Take care.