Tuesday, October 14, 2014

we're fine

So, typhoon Vongfong has passed us or as the Japanese call it Typhoon #19.

It was a good thing that Satoshi had the day off yesterday because of National Holiday. JR West shut down most of their trains at 16:00, though most of the private lines ran as usual.

Still, we stayed in all day...well, there was a point where Satoshi thought we could go out to have lunch, but after getting ready and walking a couple of feet from home, the wind picked up and it started to drizzle...so technically we stayed in all day.

One thing we did was bring in ALL the plants from the lanai. Usually I leave a couple of the bigger plants outside, but this typhoon sounded like it was going to be a doozy.

The winds and rain picked up at about 9-ish at night and pretty much didn't stop until morning.

Usually these typhoons break up and turn into storms, but this one is still a typhoon and making its way up the coast of Honshu.

Hope the rest of Northern Honshu and Hokkaido will be okay.

Take care everyone!


Lindsay-Jean said...

Glad all's well!

Rowena said...

Happy to hear that you're okay -- I didn't realize you had so many plants!

K and S said...

Thanks LJ!

Yup Rowena, they line almost the whole length of our lanai :)

Take care you two!

alibaba37 said...

Glad you are safe. All the plants look pretty inside, but I'm sure they are even prettier outside on the Lani. ♥

Kalin's Mommy said...

So glad you folks are good, we have "Ana" coming our way this weekend. It's supposed to hit the Big Island first. Update on my papaya seeds, I got 30+ plants now, LOL! I think I am in trouble!

K and S said...

Thanks alibaba37!

stay safe Mich, 30+ plants! whoa?!

Take care you two!

K said...

I'm glad you guys are ok!

K and S said...

crazy weather all over the world, K!

Take care.