Wednesday, October 22, 2014

okonomiyaki hiro

I think it has been over ten years since I've eaten at Okonomiyaki Hiro.

This tiny shop is one of the first places Satoshi brought me to, to have okonomiyaki when we moved to Japan. (I'm glad they are still in business!)

My friend, Greg is visiting Japan with his mom. I'm glad he had some time to meet up.

Since Satoshi also knows Greg, we all had dinner together last night.

Gyoza, yakisoba, okonomiyaki and lots of beer.

Hope they had enough to eat. It was nice meeting Greg's mom and I hope they enjoy the rest of their stay.

Okonomiyaki Hiro
11-10 Toganocho Swiss Building 1F
Kita, Osaka
Phone: 06.6314.2328
Hours: 17:30-3:00
Mondays to Saturdays, closed Sundays


Marie said...

Wow, that gyoza looks scrumptious!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a nice time together and a good meal. :-)

K and S said...

Thanks Marie, the outside was crispy :)

it was Paz :)

Take care you two!

K said...

That gyoza looks delicious!

KirkK said...

Lovely looking gyoza!

Rowena said...

And here I was thinking of making okonomiyaki for dinner tonight ^-^ -- one day we'll get to Japan, one day!

K and S said...

it was good K!

very crispy outsides Kirk!

I know you will visit Japan Rowena, can't wait :)

Take care everyone!

Rona Y said...

I will have to try Hiro the next time I'm in Japan. I love a good okonomiyaki!

Have you ever tried Kagetsu (or Hanatsuki? The first kanji is "flower" and the second is "moon") in Sannomiya? It's in Center-gai across from the BAL building. It's my favourite okonomiyaki place,and I especially love the buta cheese! The people who run it are really nice, and the older man remembered me even after I hadn't been there for more than 2 years. And he also said he thought I was a university student, so bonus points to him for thinking I was about 20 years younger than I really was!

Rona Y said...

Oops! It's called Hanabishi! The second kanji is not "moon" but something I can't recognize.

K and S said...

Thanks! I'll put this info on my "to go to" list on Tabelog, Rona :)

Take care.