Thursday, October 16, 2014


IMG_8433 The other day, Satoshi and I were walking past a lot that was being cleared.

I noticed that they were using the old tatami mats as a cover for the ground for the bulldozer to go over.

When I asked Satoshi why they do that, he wasn't sure, but said "probably so that they don't damage the ground".

With all the rain that has been falling lately, a heavy machine like a bulldozer would definitely get stuck in the mud.

Interesting, yeah?!


K said...

Interesting! I wonder what they use here - cardboard maybe?

Rowena said...

What a good way to repurpose all mats, and I bet that trying to get a bulldozer out of mud would be one p.i.t.a.!

K and S said...

if you find out K, let me know :)

p.i.t.a. indeed Rowena!

Take care you two!