Friday, July 24, 2015

doyo no ushi no hi

doyo no ushi no hi Today is Doyo no Ushi no hi, the day when we all eat unagi (eel) for stamina to withstand the heat of summer. I've written about this in the past here.

The price of unagi, especially on this day, tends to be quite pricey.

So, I was happy to find 2 good-sized unagi for 1680 yen (plus tax).

Just before dinner, I'm going to make my own kabayaki sauce using this recipe.

If you can't find unagi where you live or don't like it, you could also follow the recipe above to make an eggplant version.

I hope it is cooler where you are, we're melting over here!

Have a nice weekend.


KirkK said...

Man, it's been strangely humid here......glad you got a decent price on the unagi.

Rowena said...

It's not as hot these past few days but that could change next month - we need unagi day too!

K said...

Mmm, unagi! I just had some as well last week while visiting my parents :o)

K and S said...

hope it has cooled a bit for you Kirk!

hope you can get your hands on some unagi, Rowena!

nice K!

Take care everyone.