Wednesday, July 01, 2015

thank you!

tasting @malagoschocolate single origin bean to bar & b.t. mcelrath super red chocolate bar♡ #chocolate #philippines #usa I think it was a couple of weeks ago that my friend Rona, sent me a message saying that she was sending me some chocolate.

The bar on the left is by Malagos Chocolate. A chocolate maker in the Philippines. Their 65% cacao single origin bean to bar was creamy with hints of fruits and is made from Trinitario Cacao beans.

The bar on the right is by B.T. McElrath. I've tried their salty dog bites before (love!). This particular bar is 70% cacao and filled with dried fruits like strawberry, raspberry and cherry. There was a LOT of dried fruit in there!

I really liked both bars and am glad I got to try both.

Thanks Rona! I appreciate your kindness.


R Y said...

I'm happy you enjoyed them, and even happier they didn't melt! (I love those salty dogs, too! You might already know this, but B.T. McElrath chocolates are from Minneapolis, so I try to pick some up whenever I'm there (usually once a year)).

K said...

Mmm, looks and sounds great!

K and S said...

so nice of you! thanks again Rona:)

they were very nice K!

Take care you two:)