Tuesday, July 14, 2015

patisserie y style

It had been awhile since I had been back to Patisserie Y Style.

This time around I tried a few of their macarons.

I tried the matcha (green tea), sésame (black sesame) and châitagne(japanese chestnut).

The matcha which was a fluorescent green threw me off a bit as usually this color is used with pistache (pistachio) macaron.

But I liked the texture of this.

The fillings for these macarons are flavored buttercreams.

My least favorite was the châitagne(japanese chestnut), there was no "chew" to the macaron, it kind of just crumbled when I bit into it.

Previously, they had no cafe space, but on this visit, I noticed they have a few tables out in front of their shop now and are also selling kakigori (shaved ice).

With this krazy humidity and heat, I may have to go back soon.


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K and S said...

they really were K! and tasty too :)

Take care.