Monday, August 24, 2015

foodie friday

short stack banana pancakes for me & loco moco for hubs, good morning! #latergram #aiea #koapancakehouse #locomoco #banana #pancakes #hawaii Friday started off with breakfast at Koa Pancake in Aiea.

Loco moco for Satoshi and a short stack of banana pancakes for me. Their coffee is awful...I know, I'm a coffee snob...

After breakfast, we did a few chores at home then visited with Dad and Grandma.

poke bowls from poke stop, kaimana beach, puu ualakaa lookout & champion malasadas #latergram #trafficwasnuts #hawaii Lunch was from Poke Stop inside of Hawaii's Favorite Kitchens...the guy making the bowls was such a least the lady at the register was nice...

Satoshi had their two choice with Garlic Edamame Ahi Poke and their Furikake Salmon Poke. I chose the mini with their Furikake Ahi Poke.

We both chose sushi rice but learned our lesson (too sweet) and will order just white rice next time.

We took our lunch to Kaimana Beach and were treated to free parking by the parking meter angels...there was a little over an hour on the meter! (Thank you!)

Then after lunch, we fought the gross back-up on Kapahulu due to road construction and picked up some items for dinner from Ono Seafoods.

On the way home, we checked out Satoshi's favorite lookout, Puu Ualakaa and then hit Champion Malasadas for a little snack.

@lanikaibrewing pillbox porter & ono seafoods lomi ahi & sashimi #dinner #hawaii #lanikaibrewing #porter #onoseafoods Dinner was the lomi ahi and sashimi that we picked up from Ono Seafoods. It was our first time here but we liked their selection.

We also tried Lanikai Brewing's Pillbox Porter. I liked this one because there were nice notes of coffee and chocolate.

Another day of lots of running around, lots of food and lots of sun.

Ono Seafood
747 Kapahulu Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii


jalna said...

So much ono food!! How do you manage to stay so slim? I'm jealous.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Wow, you folks are busy! Enjoy!

Honolulu Aunty said...

I am enjoying your latest posts with fooding around this week.

If you don't mind a few suggestions:

Gazen Izakaya - rather expensive but food is excellent, especially their home made tofu (you can order the sampler), their special natto, and the delicious fried sweet potato mochi with ice cream.

Gyotaku in Niu Valley has good senior meals, I like their nishime. I recently discovered their green tea ice cream with azuki bean topping - if you like sweet, it is dreamy!

Thai Valley Cuisine way out in Hawaii Kai in Kalama Valley has THE best Thai food. I love her pad thai, and her fried fish dish looks disappointing when it arrives at the table because it looks like a soup, but it is da bomb!

I just heard of a hole in the wall place in Kapahulu, close to Pizza Hut. It is an izakaya - smaller servings, but each one is only $3.99 and my friends said it is very good. I need to try it one of these days.

Hale Vietnam is top on my list for Vietnamese food. Their spring rolls are perfect, their pho is always good, I love their vegetarian papaya salad or mock chicken salads too.

Ichiriki for lunch is always good - $12.99 for most of their hot pots.

Youngs Fish Market in the Kapalama City Square has great laulau, and Ono Hawaiian Foods is always a winner if you can get seats. I am now addicted to their beef watercress soup.

I am so hungry now!

K and S said...

ha! I wish I was skinny Jalna...

we are cramming everything in, Mich, thanks!

gosh that is a list, Honolulu Aunty, dunno that we'll be able to check them all out this trip, thanks for the heads up!

Take care everyone!

KirkK said... put in some mileage!

K and S said...

and still going Kirk:)

Take care!

K said...

Mmm, everything looks great!

K and S said...

Thanks K!

Take care:)