Sunday, August 23, 2015

foodie thursday

nico's garlic pesto shrimp & pier 38 fish burger, then to sand island for a game of catch #latergram #hawaii #sandisland #nicospier38 Satoshi's here for the next 5 we gotta cram in all his favorites while also doing some family stuffs...

Soon after arriving we had lunch with my cousin P and her family and Aunty Marian at Nico's Pier 38.

Satoshi threw everyone off by ordering the garlic pesto shrimp instead of the loco moco...he gave this a thumbs up!

I ordered the Pier 38 burger...meh...way too much dill and garlic made everything a little overseasoned with no real "fish" taste...

After lunch we headed to Sand Island Access Park for a little game of catch with K, F and Satoshi.

dinner : ommegang abbey ale & tamura's poke #dinner #cooperstown #ommegang #tamuras #poke #abbeyale #hawaii Dinner was from Tamura' assortment of poke and Ommegang's Abbey Ale.

This beer was bit too bitter for my liking.

It was our first time trying Tamura's pokes. I think they have quite a nice assortment and the pricing quite reasonable.

All in all, a jam packed day, filled with lots of food, lots of talking, lots of laughter and lots of sun.

98-302 Kamehameha Hwy
Aiea, Hawaii


KirkK said...

Hi Kat - Try the Ommegang Witte if you have the chance. We like the Abbey Ale with strong, gamey dishes like lamb and cheese. Say "hi" to Satoshi for us!

K and S said...

I'll see if Tamura's has it Kirk:) Satoshi says "hi"

Take care!

K said...

I like the beer label!

K and S said...

it was a nice label K :)

Take care.