Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Usually on the weekends, Satoshi and I run into the same question, "where to go for dinner"

We have several places in our rotation but instead we decided to try Menu for dinner.

This is the place I went with my friend Hiromi, for lunch last month.

We arrived at the restaurant at about 18:00 and didn't have a reservation, it was nice that they had some tables available.

We both ordered the dinner course...2980 yen each.

This came with an antipasto plate (salad with poached chicken and proscuitto, marinated tako (octopus), a slice of edamame frittata, togan (winter melon simmered in orange juice), and cabbage terrine filled with smoked salmon and topped with a consommé gelée).

Soup...satoimo (taro root) soy milk potage

Pasta...Satoshi chose the komatsuna (Japanese mustard greens) pesto with potato...I thought this would be bitter but it went nicely with the potato and pasta.

I chose the house-made sausage and eggplant with almond peperoncino...the sausage had lots of herbs in it and the pasta was spicy with lots of garlic, I also liked the crunch of the almonds.

Main dish...pot roast...super tender and I liked the green risotto that came along side, lots of parmesan cheese in it.

Dessert...sweet potato roll cake with pear compote...nice with strong coffee!

With dinner we also had glasses of wine...540 yen each.

We enjoyed this meal, service was a little slow but what can you expect when they only have one chef and one waitress, the glasses of wine were adequate servings, not like some we've encountered at other places.

Since they use a lot of seasonal items, we are looking forward to coming back when the next season rolls around.

We'll be back!


KirkK said...

"Where to go for dinner"....the eternal question for couples...everywhere!

Rowena said...

when we do feel like eating out (or when i feel like putting on make up and dressing up), it's "where to have dinner that also accepts dogs?" - we have plans to go to where the MotH sometimes plays music, so we'll see how that goes with "Da Mistah B".

K said...

Yum, everything sounds delicious!

K and S said...

glad we aren't the only ones Kirk:)

Hope Mr B will be okay with the music & atmosphere, Rowena:)

it was K!

Take care everyone!