Friday, October 02, 2015

things I'm liking (kinda disliking)

It's been awhile since I did a "things I'm liking" post so here goes....Starbucks Fruit Crush Tea.

I had entered to win a free sample of their new Fruit Crush Tea which starts October 1st on their menu...and they sent me an e-ticket to try it before it went on their menu! whoo!

The base of this drink is an English Breakfast tea. There is a sweet (almost sickly) syrup and dried fruit bits.

Kind of reminded me of the sweet-tart flavor of hibiscus tea, but sweeter.

I think if they cut back on the amount of syrup, this would be nice.

I'm glad I got to try this.

Have you tried the Brownie Batter Oreos?

The aroma when you open the package smells just like brownies.

The cookie doesn't match the sweetness of the cream though.

Oh well, at least I got to try this one too.

During this time of year there are different grapes that are in season.

One is the pione (pee-oh-nay) (in the photo on the right). They are rather large orbs and this particular variety is seedless. Super sweet like grape candy. The skins of these grapes are tough and quite bitter, so we usually peel them while eating them.

The one on the left was new to me, it's called shine muscat. The skins of the grape are soft enough to be eaten. These were seedless also and a different sweetness than the pione.

I'm glad the fruit stand that I shop at had both of these on sale, it was nice trying them.

Love Quinn Popcorn.

I had seen this at a couple of food shops here in Japan...but guess what?!

They were selling it for 3 times the price that it is sold for in the U.S.

Actually for some reason, I had thought they weren't US made but European.

When I was in Hawaii, I found out they were being sold at Target (my fave place to shop!)

For a box they cost about $5 with two packets in it.

I guess that would be considered pricey, but, I thought it was worth it because they don't use all the "junk" ingredients that most microwave popcorns use.

Also, a good thing about this popcorn is that you can "nuke" it, or if you don't have a microwave oven, you can pop this on the stove!

So far, we've tried the Butter & Salt flavor...which was nice.

I also bought Vermont Maple & Salt and Parmesan & Rosemary...which we'll be working through this winter.

What have you been enjoying lately?


KirkK said...

I've seen that popcorn at Target as well.....was wondering how it tasted, so thanks!

K and S said...

if you try it Kirk, I hope you like it :)

Take care.

K said...

I tried both of those grapes when I was in Japan, so delicious!

K and S said...

they really are K!

Take care.