Monday, October 19, 2015


During this time of year, many schools hold an undokai (oon-dough-kai) or sports day on the weekends.

Many games and relay races are held on campus, parents also participate in some races too.

Some children perform dances.

We don't have children so I've not experienced this first-hand.

I was shocked to see all these tents when we passed by an undokai recently.

About the middle of the photo you may be able to see the crowd, they are all holding cameras in hopes of getting a shot or video of their child running in a race or two.

Some schools are too small to hold their undokai so they often borrow the field of bigger schools.

I've also heard that they don't allow the children to be competitive, there aren't awards for 1st, 2nd, etc, as it damages self-esteem, WT?!...where's the fun if there is no competition?!

Growing up, we had May Day, where each grade level would perform a dance for the May Day Court, usually consisting of 6th graders who were chosen to represent the King, Queen, Prince and Princesses of the Hawaiian Islands, as well as for parents and for family members that could attend that day.

Do you have undokai where you live?


KirkK said...

That's very neat Kat.....I do remember May Day growing up.....

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk:)

Take care!

K said...

I never went to school in Japan but we had it at my Japanese language school growing up!

K and S said...

that's neat K!

Take care:)