Wednesday, October 14, 2015


The best part of entering a contest is forgetting that you entered said contest and then the prize comes in the mail.

That's what happened when we received this by special post the other day.

I usually don't like to answer the door when the door bell rings because most times it is a salesman or religion!

But, I'm glad I answered the bell the other day because it was this nice gift to one of our favorite sushi places nearby!

Apparently, we had entered their drawing over the summer.

We'll definitely use these soon...thank you!


K said...

Yay for some fun mail!

jalna said...

What a nice surprise!!!

K and S said...

indeed K & Jalna!

Take care you two:)

KirkK said...

Very nice Kat! Good for you both!

K and S said...

it was great Kirk:)

Take care!

Rowena said...

score! and I'm the same away about answering the door buzzer (and there's no video down at the main gate so I can't see who it is) - it's usually the postal lady but sometimes I get the pesky salesperson. grrrr..

K and S said...

I really hate when the Jehovah's come around, Rowena...

Take care!