Monday, November 23, 2015


yesterday in Sakamoto   #hieisakamoto #shiga #比叡三九良 #比叡坂本 #滋賀 #latergram Saturday, after Satoshi's German class, we went back to Sakamoto to check out their fall foliage. The forecast was "migoro" meaning the peak of viewing.

Unfortunately with the warm days and sparse cool nights, the leaves have not changed much, in fact, most have just dried up and fallen. We even waited for dusk to see the light-up at Hiyoshi Shrine, but that was a bust also.

No trees that had reddish leaves to be lit up...

We did enjoy some yomogi mochi at Sankuro though.

earlier at sanshikisaido...colors kind of muted this year  #osaka #suita #sanshikisaido #大阪 #吹田 #三色彩道 Sunday, we headed over to Sanshikisaido to see their fall colors. It was pretty but a bit muted.

the leaves were really blah, so we sat on the terrace and shared a beer & hot dog♡  #minoo #osaka #japan So we headed to see the fall colors on the trail to the Minoo Falls...major disappointment.

Barely any trees have changed and like in Sakamoto, most leaves have just dried up and fallen.

We cheered ourselves up by sharing a Minoh beer and a sausage that was filled with bits of yuzu.

The weather dude has been saying that Autumn will be longer...Satoshi is happy with this as it prolongs him suffering with the cold weather, me I'm ready for flurries.

Have a nice week!


Rowena said...

after all the warmish weather and waiting....we got snow this morning. so weird because yesterday was full sun with no clouds at all!

K and S said...

wow snow! we got rain for the next couple of days Rowena. And the temps have dropped!

Take care:)