Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I've written about ku-cha-ne-ku-cha-ne before, well, that is basically what we did this past Sunday because it rained most of the day.

The day started out with breakfast...

brightening up this rainy sunday with all sorts of speculoos things...tea with milk, walnut toast with chocolate spread with banana & fig vanilla jam with yogurt and bananas that didn't fit on the toast♡  #japan #breakfast Walnut toast with chocolate speculoos spread, topped with slices of banana. Yogurt with fig vanilla jam and bananas that didn't fit on the toast. Speculoos tea with milk.

There was some book reading and then I got lunch together.

indoor picnic♡pickled purple cabbage, spinach swiss chard kale goma-ae, purple carrot shiso salad, rakkyo, tamagoyaki & swiss chard temari musubi and green tea  #japan #picnic Leftover pickled purple cabbage. Baby spinach, a little swiss chard and a little kale goma-ae. I used the peeler to peel a purple carrot, loved all the colors that came out from the peels! I added a little shiso and marinated everything in a little dressing. Rakkyo (pickled onions). Tamagoyaki. And musubi that I covered in blanched swiss chard leaves instead of nori. Green tea to wash everything down.

There was a nap.

le goûter : café au lait & big island candies biscotti to dip♡rain stopped but still grey out  #caféaulait #bigislandcandies #biscotti #japan Snacktime: café au lait & Big Island Candies biscotti to dip.

There was some smartphone game playing (maybe a lot)...

pho bo(beef noodle soup)♡  #pho #vietnamese #soup #japan Dinner was a big bowl of pho (fah).

I've been wanting to use my cilantro. And since I didn't want to spend a lot for basil, I just used the rest of the shiso that I had.

Maybe not the most authentic, there was more noodles than anything, but it hit the spot and was a nice way to use some cilantro.

How was your weekend?


jalna said...

So cute that phrase.

K and S said...

I love that phrase too Jalna :)

Take care.

KirkK said...

Very, eat sleep...nice way to spend the day!

K and S said...

indeed Kirk :)

Take care.

Rowena said...

I was just wondering, no tv? videos? we run around Saturday trying to get stuff done and Sunday is time for catching up on tv shows that I've recorded throughout the week. lots of stuff to watch online as well without having to download anything.

K and S said...

since I watch tv all week, I usually let Satoshi have the tv all of Sunday. And boy does it use it!

Take care :)

K said...

What a delicious day!

K and S said...

It really was K!

Take care.