Monday, January 18, 2016


celebrating with patisserie haré cakes: hubs' marron cognac(left) & espresso (think tiramisu with caramelized nuts)...delicious❤︎  #patisseriehare #ikeda #japan #osaka #パティスリーhare Friday was our anniversary. We didn't do anything special, but did celebrate with some cakes from Patisserie Hare.

Marron Cognac for Satoshi (left) and espresso for me (right). Funny thing when I told Satoshi that there was cognac in there, he thought I meant konnyaku (devil's tongue jelly).

Anyway, I really enjoyed my was like tiramisu with lots of caramelized nuts on the outside.

thank you satoshi❤︎ Satoshi gave me this funky carnation as well as some tulips. (thank you!)

@ menu Saturday night, we headed back to Menu for dinner.

It started with their antipasto plate...assortment of cold items, highlighted by the tiny choux (cream puff outside) filled with camembert cheese and pumpkin purée

@ menu daikon soup

@ menu Duck pastrami pepperoncino..spicy but really flavorful.

@ menu Yuzu Kosho pasta...super creamy, cheesy with slices of yuzu and pepper.

@ menu Oomugi (barley) Pork with a red wine reduction, grainy mustard & mushroom purée. Also there was a little risotto underneath.

The pork was so tender. We enjoyed it most with the wine reduction.

@ menu Dessert was a soy milk fruit gratin. The top was brûléed and there was bananas, blueberries and a little orange in there.

Another great meal here and under 8000 yen (tax included) with drinks.

Another great anniversary...thank you Satoshi for putting up with me you!


Dennis K. said...

Happy Anniversary!

jalna said...

Awwww, so cute you guys! Happy Anniversary!

K said...

Happy anniversary!

Rowena said...

putting up with you?!?! I thought it was the Gemini's that drive people nuts. Cognac/konnyaku...haha, sometimes we get some of those language misinterpretations too.

Lindsay-Jean said...

Happy Anniversary you two!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Happy Anniversary!

KirkK said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like quite a nice day!

K and S said...

Thanks Dennis, hope you are well :)

Thanks Jalna :)

Thanks K :)

lol Rowena, we drive each other nuts :) funny about the cognac, yeah?!

Thanks LJ!

Thanks Mich!

It really was Kirk :)

Take care everyone!