Friday, January 15, 2016

daily stuff

as I passed by, was a little leery this little guy was dead, but he was breathing...whew! must be a super warm spot❤︎   #cat #osaka #japan #ikeda #池田 #大阪 #猫 Yesterday, as I was coming back from the market, I passed by a little community garden and noticed this little guy atop a plastic bag filled with dried leaves.

I was kinda leery that he was dead, but he was breathing!


I am guessing this spot is super warm.

We've finally got wintry weather...have a nice weekend.


Rowena said...

good thing it wasn't maki die dead, otherwise it would've put a new spin on the phrase "letting the cat out of the bag" ^-^

KirkK said...

At first it seemed creepy and then kinda cute in the end Kat!

K and S said...

eew...but true, Rowena :)

yeah it was creepy as I passed by Kirk... :)

Take care you two.