Wednesday, June 29, 2016


This past Sunday, we went to Kamizono for lunch.

Satoshi loves the food there, especially the fried shrimp.

We love that they serve all sorts of different veggie side dishes.

They gave each of us different ones so we could share.

Satoshi ordered the fried shrimp, while I ordered the gobo wrapped beef.

I was intrigued by the tomatoes, they were soaked in a pickle sauce and when I asked the wife of the owner, she mentioned that she made a dashi vinegar sauce and put the tomatoes in, it was so fruity it kind of reminded me of an umeboshi (pickled apricot)...gotta try to re-create this.

Satoshi's favorite veggie dish was a rakkyo salad, sliced rakkyo, parboiled then mixed with some mayo, salt and pepper.

It was nice to re-connect with this restaurant.

We'll be back.


Rowena said...

the tomato idea sounds interesting!

jalna said...

I saw a program on NHK World about Japanese tomatoes. It was so interesting . . . some are as sweet as fruit. I'm gonna make sure to try them next time I'm in Japan (planning on visiting the Tohoku region in October).

KirkK said...

Looks good Kat!

K and S said...

hope I can re-create it, Rowena :)

yup some are super sweet, Jalna, there is a variety we get in Osaka, called "aiko", super sweet!

thanks Kirk :)

Take care everyone!

K said...

Yum fried shrimp!

K and S said...

definitely Satoshi's fave, K!

Take care.