Wednesday, June 01, 2016


In Japan, a lot of homes use these large bulky light fixtures.

Most can be turned off or on with the pull string thingy, or if the socket is hooked up to a light switch, the fixture can be controlled by the switch.

Inside there are two round fluorescent bulbs and a teeny "starter" bulb.

The teeny bulb usually needs to be changed every so often but the two round bulbs rarely need to be.

My peeve with these huge fixtures is that usually the parts holding the bulbs in place are plastic which wear out from the heat of the light.

The other day, we got rid of one of our fixtures and bought a pendant light type.

I wanted to show you the plug.

Most are like this.

All you do is make sure that your light fixture has the same type of socket, put it in and give it a little twist.

No need for an electrician to come to install.

Am gonna look for a simple lamp shade for this soon.

Are light fixtures simple to put in where you are?


jalna said...


Anonymous said...

Good thing thing it's so easy - you didn't need to hire "two guys"!


KirkK said...

You're going to put those "two dudes" out of work Kat!

K and S said...

it is Jalna :)

For real Alan :)

he he Kirk :)

Take care everyone!

Kay said...

Nope, not simple at all in Hawaii. I've seen these at my aunt's house in Sendai.

K and S said...

I think my mom needed an electrician when she changed her fixture in Hawaii, Kay!

Take care.