Thursday, June 23, 2016


drippy juicy peaches eaten over the sink & mini pain de mie avocado toast❤︎raining cats & dogs  #paindemie #avocadotoast #peach #coffee #yogurt #blueberry #japan The weather has been depressingly grey and super humid.

Poor Kyushu, they got a month's worth of rain in a couple of hours...

We've had some rain too, at times it rains in sheets.

It makes getting to the market a challenge for me, but I still try to get out so that I can get in a little walk.

We've been enjoying peaches.

The first couple of peaches were on the firm side but this morning the peach was perfectly ripe.

They are super sweet and juicy.

Satoshi and I stand over the kitchen sink eating them in the morning before sitting down to breakfast.

Summer is here.


Rowena said...

^-^ I was standing over the kitchen sink this morning eating a white peach for, we're anticipating another period of storms (after 32°C days) so I can expect hail again. bleh!

K and S said...

oh no not more hail, Rowena, hoping for better weather for your area!

Take care.

jalna said...

So cute . . . I'm picturing you and Satoshi eating over the sink. LOL. I just learned that the rainy period between spring and summer is called 梅雨 . . . I love that.

K and S said...

yes it is called 'tsuyu' Jalna, still going on when I left.

Take care.

K said...

Haha I did the same with a mango a few days ago!

K and S said...

that is funny K!we do that with mango in Hawaii :)

Take care.