Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I came across huge beets at Crazy Pantry over the weekend.

2 beets were 140 yen (plus tax)...what a bargain!

According to the label, this was variety was called "Detroit Dark Red".

I roasted them and we had some for Sunday dinner.

Bummer that they don't sell the greens with the beets, but I am happy that I came across these.


Helen said...

That is a bargain! I was looking at beets in the store yesterday and they were over 400 yen each up here in Yamagata-ken!

K and S said...

Wow that is pricey Helen! I hope you can find some that are cheaper (maybe when the weather gets warmer?!) :)

Take care.

Rowena said...

I never see fresh beets at the supermarket, only roasted or precooked/vacuum-packed with a use-by date. they're pretty inexpensive though at 500 grams for around 89 cents.

KirkK said...

Wow, those are huge Kat!

jalna said...

Interesting! I never looked so I don't know . . . do we have beets like that here?

K and S said...

I've seen the pre-packaged types at our markets Rowena and they are super expensive! Hope you come across fresh beets in your area!

They were Kirk!

yeah I think you do Jalna :)

Take care everyone.

K said...

Wow those are huge!

K and S said...

and super cheap for here K!

Take care.