Sunday, April 02, 2017

daily stuff

The one on the mom bought for me years ago...if you look at it, it is missing part of the spatula..eep!

I love this spatula, it has the right amount of flex and gets in all the crevices (plus it's from my mom).

I didn't want to throw it out until I found the exact same thing...

When I was in Hawaii in December, I tried to look for it at Longs, where (I think) she bought it luck.

The other day, I finally found the same one at Tokyu Hands!

And what was cool was that they let me use some points from my point card to pay for it...whoo!

So even though I don't want to throw out the one on the left, I think it is time to.

Thanks Mom!


jalna said...

Ho, howzdat . . . exactly the same! Looks like the old one served you well.

Rowena said...

that is so cool that you were able to find an identical spatula. I know that "special feeling" from items given to you from loved ones. I still have the crocheted couch throw that my mom made for me before she passed away.

K and S said...

Jalna, cool yeah?!

ah must be a nice couch throw Rowena, I remember my mom crocheting those too! I should bring one back next time I'm in Hawaii :)

Take care you two.