Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Sunday, the weather was beautiful...sunny & HOT!

Seriously feeling like summer...gah!

Yesterday, it started to rain at about lunchtime and didn't stop until early this morning.

I think the weather dude mentioned that we got a month's rainfall in one day...eep!

It is still quite overcast today.

Wanted to share with you the last of the sakura...

Love this season, it is just way too short and the weather just too krazy these days..


Rowena said...

whoa...a whole month of rain in one day sounds disastrous. I hope nothing bad happened.

KirkK said...

We had a entire months worth of rain in one day here back in February, Kat! It was nuts....

K and S said...

luckily nothing major happened Rowena :)

eep Kirk!

Take care you two.