Thursday, April 06, 2017

green tea pork belly rolls

I saw these pork belly rolls filled with used green tea on a tv show, but could not find a recipe, so I adlibbed.

Using several leaves from that huge cabbage, I wilted it in a hot non-stick pan, then set it aside.

Then I made the rolls.

With about a gram of green tea (brewed and ready to throw out), I divvied it up between 6 pieces of pork belly slices.

Put the flap of each pork roll side down onto a heated pan to seal.

Cook for several minutes then turn until all sides are cooked.

Cover with a lid and cook for several minutes so that the inside will cook too.

Not sure how long I cooked everything for, but it was fast (we use gas to cook with, so that might be why also).

Drizzle with ponzu (citrus soy sauce) before eating.

Dinner is served.

NOTES: I know, not really a recipe, sorry.

Still, I think this would be a nice pupu (appetizer) or something for bento.

I didn't season the cabbage (because Satoshi should be watching his salt), but you could definitely use salt, pepper, or your favorite dressing.

Though the television did not specify, I would try to use organic tea especially since you will be eating it.

It is a great way to use up tea that you have brewed and would normally just throw out or put into your compost.

I'm making this again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I was trying to figure out why it was called green tea pork belly rolls when I couldn't see the green tea.

I think a trio of this, along with your recipes for ume pork and that cabbage roll pork would be a great pupu dinner! or just pupu!


Rowena said...

pork rolls always appeal in whatever way you prepare them - love the idea of the tea leaves!

K and S said...

hope you like all of these V!

great way to use every bit of the tea, Rowena :)

Thanks Jalna :)

Take care everyone.