Friday, April 14, 2017

lunch with a view

Today, I went to Square for lunch because someone posted on social media that the cherry blossoms were in bloom in their area. (click on the photo to view the video)

From the second floor (their cafe space), you can see this.

I had their taco rice & iced coffee...1300 yen (tax included).

It was quite filling but I liked how they put the cheese under the broiler and the egg was nice and oozy.

At the mall too, everything was in full bloom.

I forgot to share this video of Sakuranomiya with you yesterday... (click on the photo)

Hopefully the weather will hold up over the weekend, so we can check out more blooms.


Rowena said...

wow...okay I'm sold, Japan in the spring, period!

jalna said...

So pretty!!

K and S said...

Spring or Autumn are definitely the best seasons to visit Rowena, the only thing is that these seasons are really short & kinda unpredictable :O

it really was Jalna :)

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

Ooozy Egg! That's a real winna' Kat!

K and S said...

I agree Kirk :)

Take care.