Monday, April 03, 2017

tokuya & kenninji

Saturday, we went to Kyoto. There was an exhibit that Satoshi wanted to see at the Museum of Kyoto.

So while he did that, I walked around Sanjo.

Afterwards we met up and headed towards Gion.

While we were waiting to cross, we were standing right next to a geisha...not 5 seconds later, bazillions of foreigners across the street pointed their smartphones & cameras at us.

When the light changed, boy, could she walk really fast and boy, did we photobomb everyone's pictures...

As we walked down Hanamikoji-dori, I remembered a sweet shop that I wanted to try...Gion Tokuya.

So, we stood in line.

They have warabi mochi & kuzumochi on their menu as well as shave ice.

It was a little to cool for shave ice, so we had warabi mochi & matcha kuzumochi.

This warabi mochi is served on ice and was silky...delicious with kinako (soy bean powder) and a little kuromitsu (molasses/black honey).

But be careful..if you try to "slurp" it, the kinako will hit you first, you will choke/cough and the mochi will go me, I am now forever traumatized by this...thank goodness no one was sitting right next to our table to see...eep!

The matcha kuzumochi was also served on ice and delicious, but really slippery.

With my chopstick skills this was also embarrassing...lucky for that wooden spoon...

We loved the chunky sweet bean paste as well as a mound of matcha to sprinkle onto the kuzumochi.

Down the street is Kenninji, the oldest Zen Temple in Kyoto.

For 500 yen, you can walk around their property AND take pictures...most places don't allow you take photos.

The highlight of this temple, in my opinion, is the twin dragons which is on the ceiling of a separate building and is 11.4 meters (37.4 feet) by 15.7 meters (51.5 feet) (the size of 108 tatami mats, which I think is a symbol for Buddhism/Zen)

If the weather is nice you can also sit on their wooden decks and reflect.

Despite my earlier was nice to get out and about.

Gion Tokuya
510-217 Gionmachi-Minami-gawa
Phone: 075.561.5554
Hours:12:00-18:00 but closes early if they run out.


Anonymous said...

That Tokuya place looks soooo good! I'm dying to try it, and especially keeping in mind your warning about the kinako! Kind of like powdered sugar on Russian tea cookies, except your mouth gets cemented shut and the powder sugar wants to come out of your nose, eyes and whatever orifice it can! LOL. I was wondering if it was too cold for shaved ice....but do you eat that too or is it just to keep everything chilled?

jalna said...

HAHAHAHAHA. Projectile mochi. Too funny. And then V with her mouth cemented shut with powdered sugar coming out of her nose, etc. I can't stop laughing picturing the both of you. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

K and S said...

so funny about the cookies V, I don't think you eat the shaved ice that this was served on, but they do have shaved ice on their menu :)

super shame Jalna, but a great experience :)

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

omg I gotta check flickr to see if any of those shots are on there - too funny!

K and S said...

I tried looking Rowena, but didn't see anything, maybe I'm looking in the wrong places :)

Take care.

KirkK said...

I'm wondering how many Flickr/Instagram/Snap Chat photos the both of you are in now Kat!

K and S said...

if you find any Kirk, please let me know :p

Take care!