Friday, September 29, 2017

kyushu fair

We shared this kuri (chestnut) sundae by a Kumamoto dairy at the Kyushu Fair being held at Hankyu Department Store.

Chestnut bits folded into the soft serve topped with two halves of a roasted chestnut.

We also came across a vendor from Oita prefecture selling fresh bambucha (huge) shiitake.

There were 3 of these in one styrofoam tray and we bought 2 trays.

The first time we cooked it in a non-stick pan then topped with a little butter and shoyu.

The second time was with a little shoyu and squeeze of sudachi (type of lime).

So good! and I'm glad we were able to help a little to get Kumamoto and other Kyushu areas get back on their feet after their natural disasters.


jalna said...

Sounds so ono your mushroom . . . both ways.

K and S said...

Thanks Jalna, was easy to prepare and ono too :)

Take care!

KirkK said...

Wow....that is one huge shiitake!

K and S said...

delicious too Kirk!

Take care.