Monday, September 04, 2017


I know, we were all gonna go on a "diet" after that major foodie vacation, plus I think I may need some time getting back into the groove of things, so I thought I would line up some posts...

Before heading back, BFF Wen and I had dinner and afterwards were in the mood for something sweet.

Since she had never heard of Sugarlina Bakeshop, I bought her a nutella cupcake to try.

Wen unfortunately is super picky about cupcakes (or baked things in general), so she was disappointed with their shortening based frosting...but enjoyed the cake which was moist.

5 years ago, I first tried them and enjoyed them.

Their prices are the same, though over the years our sales taxes went up.

In Japan these days, it's all about being "insta-bae" (in-stah-bah-ay) or "photogenic for Instagram" where I would have probably chosen a favorite flavor like chocolate, which would be brownish...I instead chose the blingy blue vanilla one...he he.

I loved the buttercream-ish frosting topped with all that crunchy blue sugar and the cake was super moist.

And since we had purchased something, they gave me a free we kinda split this cotton candy flavored one.

I think they put the cotton candy flavor into the shell and the filling is a dense whipped about sugar rush!

5 years ago, they only sold cupcakes so it was nice to see that they had expanded their menu a little.

And if I am not mistaken over the years, they freshened up the interior of the shop too.

I'm glad I got to reconnect with this place...I'll be back (for special occasions).


Rowena said...

I am currently on a diet (and exercise regime) to get in shape in time for Slow Food Cheese in a couple of weeks (haha!)

K and S said...

can't wait to hear all about that cheese fest, Rowena!

Take care.