Friday, May 11, 2018


With all the rain and cold weather we've been having I thought I would post some items that were making me sad...

Before leaving Osaka, I found out from my friend, Kiyomi that at the end of May, Au Grenier D'Or in Kyoto is closing its doors...I'm sad because over the years we've been there several times...the first time, once with friends and once with Tamakikat.

Another sad thing is remember the goldfish phone booth in Nara?

Well, there is apparently an artist that says "his" version is copyrighted so this particular version that was put up by art students was violating "his" copyright.

He said that if they changed the artist's name to his then he would "forgive" them...I think it is a case of "sour grapes" because of all the attention this version is receiving on Instagram.

Anyway, if you go to K Coffee the phone booth is no longer!

The Big Island (Hawaii) lava eruption.

The KÄ«lauea volcano has been erupting since I can remember, but all those displaced families, so sad...I hope they will be able to safely return to their homes and rebuild their lives soon.

And the last thing I'm sad about at the that I recently found out a 6-story building is coming up in front of where we live... I am crossing my fingers that it doesn't block our view.

I know I don't usually post on sad or negative topics, but is there anything you are sad about at the moment?


Anonymous said...

Aww,never feel bad about being sad, it's just another emotion and a healthy one too like anger and fear. it's all about being human and we all have them. The eruption has taken over the news and I feel so badly for everyone of them. Even if their home is not destroyed how can they access it with the dried black lava flow blocking access. They'll need those sledgehammer thingies to break'em up. Plus their insurance doesn't cover the loss of lava, only if it ignited the house. So they get paid off but then you gotta buy another place. I think about all their challenges, of being instantly homeless and it is sad. I just pray to God that He take care of them. I just appreciate my life and how I just have to deal w/ the vog. -N

Anonymous said...

I will not post about the one person who makes me sad and negative because he lives in my house :O but about how bad luck comes in 3's: 1.locked my keys in my car along with the spare key. 2.right front headlight burned out so needed to be replaced. 3.had a bubble on sidewall of my tire so had to buy a new tire. all 3 things cost over $200 each because it was high profile tires, whatever that is, and high intensity bulb, both over $200. And don't ever call any company that has "affordable" as their company name because that's the BS hook. whoever heard of paying $200 to unlock a car door!!!
(Actually, I should post this on the website called FML).
And yes, I really feel sad for all the people whose homes were destroyed by both the floods in Kauai, Oahu and the lava eruptions on the Big Island. I think insurance doesn't cover most of the losses.

K and S said...

hugs N!

aiyah V!

Take care you two!

KirkK said...

Bummer when places we like close down....hope you're feeling better now Kat!

Rowena said...

such tragedy for the Big Island folks - I can't imagine watching your home and property burning to the ground.

I hope your view doesn't get blocked!!!!

K and S said...

sun is out Kirk, mojo is up :) Thanks!

Rowena, man I really hope our view doesn't get blocked!

Take care you two.