Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Thought I would show you my kitchen...

Where we lost some storage space, we gained storage in other places.

Like under the kitchen sink, there is one big cupboard.

It has doors to separate the areas, but no "walls".

Glad I brought the stacking shelves that I had under my kitchen sink at our place in Osaka, really came in handy.

A nice thing too is that the 100 yen shops here mostly sell these types of storage gadgets, so it is easy to make your own shelving/storage.

The only bad part of the counter top is that it only comes up to right under my belly button.

I am short so I feel like a giant whenever I use the counter top, and can only imagine what a six foot tall person would feel like using it....

> I lost a drawer in this kitchen, but made my own using a plastic basket.

On the bottom, big gadgets.

Using two smaller containers, I separated the other utensils and they fit perfectly on top of the big gadgets.

Above the kitchen sink we have this metal rack that came with the apartment.

These types of racks are in most older kitchens in Japan, MIL has one in her kitchen too.

I have a gadget holder that uses suction cups to stick it onto the wall, but for some reason it doesn't stick to this tile so I am using clips to hang it from the metal rack.

The kitchen sink isn't wider but it is longer.

There is a long ledge behind the gas stove and sink, so I use it to store teapots and other gadgets.

And since there wasn't any towel racks in the bathroom for our bath towels, we bought a vertical tension rod type coat rack.

We still have some things that do not have a place to be stored, but for the most part, everything is put away somewhere...


Alan said...

Kat: I can appreciate what you are talking about. I probably could never live in Japan. I need a lot of space for all my "stuff". In the kitchen, in the garage, in the utility room, in my office, etc. etc. I couldn't deal with having to put stuff under the kitchen sink -- I need my stuff where I can get to them easily.

K and S said...

I’ve always wanted a stand mixer Alan but have no where to leave it out :(

Take care!

jalna said...

Thanks for the tour!!

Rowena said...

your organizational skills are amazing having to work with what space you have.

KirkK said...

I'm always amazed at how folks make due with such small spaces in Japan.

K and S said...

Hope you enjoyed it Jalna :)

Thank you Rowena :)

Gotta make do, Kirk :)

Take care.