Monday, May 21, 2018


score! if you spent $10 you could get a spin for prizes, I spent $20 so I got two spins...picked up arare for hubs and dorayaki for me (bummed that they use sorbitol in the dorayaki though)❤︎ ・ ・ ・ #ガラポン #東京 #蒲田 #どら焼き #梅園 #あけぼの #あられ I recently was at the department store and they were having a campaign.

If you spent $10 you would get a spin and chance to win prizes.

I spent $20 and got two spins.

On my first spin I won 2nd place and was allowed to choose 2 prizes from their prize table.

I chose a package of arare for Satoshi and a package with 2 huge dorayaki in it for myself.

On my second spin I got the booby prize and was given a piece of hard candy.

Stoked that I won but bummed that the dorayaki has sorbitol in!

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