Tuesday, March 19, 2019

tonkatsu enraku

Saturday night, we checked out Tonkatsu Enraku which is located near our train station.

The atmosphere when we opened the door was kinda cold, no "irrashaimasse" (welcome)...even got laser beams from the people sitting at the counter...eep!

After looking at the menu I ordered the filet katsu don...1450 yen (tax included).

This came with a bowl of tonjiru (miso soup with pork and veggies) and a generous serving of tsukemono (pickles).

Satoshi ordered the mixed fry set...2300 yen (tax included).

His order came with potato salad made with their housemade mayo, a bowl of tonjiru and tsukemono.

I was impressed with the tonkatsu...melt in your mouth tender, just the right amount of panko breading.

Lots of sweet onions and the sauce used for the donburi wasn't too sweet nor too salty.

They use lard to fry their tonkatsu but not just any type of lard, apparently the fat is taken from the innards, so the amount that can be made is a limited amount.

The panko is housemade from only the white parts of the bread crusts.

Satoshi was impressed with his dish too (no photo, he was too fast to start eating)...especially the fried shrimp, he said it was meaty and fried perfectly.

He's already thinking about a return visit to try their katsu curry, so despite the "cold" welcome, we'll be back.

Tonkatsu Enraku
6-1-4 Ikegami
Ota, Tokyo
Closed Sundays and Mondays
Phone: 03.3754.8243
Hours: 11:00-14:30 (lunch), 17:00-21:00 (dinner)
*cash only


jenny said...

Looks so delish! It's making me crave tonkotsu which I don't usually crave...! Did you ever try Tonkotsu tamafuji when you visited home? Heard it was worth the looong wait, never tried it myself yet...

Anonymous said...

from the looks of it, they wouldn't have english menu.
I feel I didn't get my fill of tonkatsu last trip.:(
This place looks so good.

K and S said...

no haven't tried tonkatsu tamafuji Jenny, let me know how you like it if you go.

if you come back towards Kamata, V, we can go for lunch/dinner :) I didn't see anyone asking for refills of cabbage or soup, did see someone ask for more rice.

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

I can't help but wonder why the "attitude"? Weird....

K and S said...

Rowena, so weird yeah?!

Take care.

jalna said...

Whoa! Surprising behavior . . . but delicious-looking food.

K and S said...

I agree Jalna...

Take care!

KirkK said...

Sounds great Kat....except for the rude welcome. Hopefully folks will be nicer next time around.

K and S said...

Kirk, hope the next time will be nicer too.

Take care.