Friday, May 24, 2019

lemongrass butterfly pea tea

Tried this Lemongrass Butterfly Pea Tea from Kaldi.

Satoshi wasn't too impressed with the color.

Me, I love the color!

Because it is blended with lemongrass, the lemongrass flavor stands out.

I hear if you add lemon juice to it, the blue will turn pink...hope to try that!

Our temps are supposed to hit 30C (86F) this weekend...eep!


Anonymous said...

I was too lazy to walk over to Chinatown so I looked online and found it at TeaForte. Theirs is also blended with ginger so I thought that sounded interesting. Our local Lupicia said they carry it seasonally and didn't have it at this time.
It has been really hot here too...we've been breaking records past couple of days. I think in Kona and Kihei over 90!! but pretty hot and humid here in Honolulu too!

K and S said...

glad you found some V, hope you like it! this summer is gonna be blazing!

Take care.

KirkK said...

Pea Tea kinda sounds like something else Kat! ;o) jjk....

K and S said...

lol Kirk...

Take care!