Wednesday, May 15, 2019

mottainai honpo

Whenever I go to the DIY store, they have an area where they sell snacks.

But, this area is usually AFTER the cash registers, so almost always, I forget about looking until after I've paid and am on my way out of the store.

Today, I made sure to look, but the items I wanted to check out were not there.

Then I found them in another part of the store.

If you've been to Japan and shopped, you know almost everything sold anywhere is "perfect".

"Perfect" sized, shaped and packaged.

Mottainai Honpo is a group in Ibaraki prefecture that sells the "ugly" items, some broken pieces, maybe a little on the burnt side.

I bought these arare (rice crackers) and kenpi (glazed fried sweet potato) to try.

I hope they taste good and will be on the look out for more items from this group.


Rowena said...

are the prices also discounted because of the imperfections? I don't think that there's an actual company here that specializes in selling imperfect manufactured goods, but sometimes at the supermarket, there are deep discounts on bruised bananas, ugly (but still good) produce, etc.

jalna said...

I love the concept. Cute packaging.

Anonymous said...

with all the arare shops in Japan, I always look for the broken pieces bag...usually because they're cheaper, they have a variety of flavors and best of all, I don't have to worry about them cracking on the way home :)

Still haven't acquired the taste for karinto. love sweet potato but the glaze is not something I like.

K and S said...

I think they were a little cheaper Rowena.

Jalna, I thought the package was cute too.

V, I agree the kenpi glaze is a bit hard & thick.

Take care everyone!