Wednesday, January 27, 2021

home delivery

Yesterday Rowena mentioned about home delivery in her comment which reminded me to post about our home delivery.

With the pandemic, I started ordering my vitamin supplements from Amazon.

Amazon changed how they deliver our orders to have less contact with their delivery dude.

They now do not require our signature and just leave the package near our door.

Of course for some, this has been a problem with their package so large and the delivery dude not being too sharp...the package BLOCKING the door and the person not being able to leave their home..WT?!

Packages being stolen or very damaged have also been problems too.

So far we have been lucky and not had problems like those I just mentioned...whew!

I still believe Japan's delivery system is more efficient than other countries.


jalna said...

Our house has a wall a few feet in front of our door which blocks the view from the street. I'm so glad that packages left there can't be seen.

Anonymous said...

our delivery system seems to have improved a lot with USPS even making deliveries Sundays I see trucks out some days at 6am!
However, because of our garage door and the way our front door is, the other day in that pouring rain, a cookbook I ordered was left by the door. The packaging was soaked but at least the cookbook wasn't damaged and it wasn't even wrapped in plastic. The pages were warped but once dried out, it mostly straightened out. Lucky (for them, grrrr).

K and S said...

Yikes V, glad it wasn’t damaged!

Take care.

K and S said...

That is good that the packages cannot be seen Jalna.

Take care!

Rowena said...

I love it!, even if some delivery dudes are not too sharp. ;)

I also like the option we have now for choosing a pickup point that's convenient for us, so that MotH can retrieve Amazon orders on the way home from work.

K and S said...

Rowena, I forgot to mention that we can pick up at their distribution center or at a nearby convenience store. I think Amazon also has their own pickup lockers in certain areas.

Take care.

Rowena said...

ooh yeah! I like the locker option too (conveniently at a supermarket), but there's only a 3-day holding period unlike 10 days at a coffee bar.

KirkK said...

We've become quite tied to our deliveries Kat. Though being unable to open your door because some bozo delivery person placed their delivery blocking the door is nuts.