Wednesday, January 06, 2021


Whenever I walk through a shopping arcade near the JR Kamata station, I've often seen the line to buy bentos from Torikyu.

A shop specializing in everything chicken that has been apparently been in business since 1928!

We looked at their menu beforehand unfortunately I went before 10:00 and found out that our choices were not!

I chose the soboro bento...minced chicken seasoned with shoyu, sugar, mirin.

Delicious! and filling.

Since Satoshi had the day off, I purchased the salmon bento for him...besides the salmon there were some nimono (simmered veggies), a meatball, a piece of karatatsu (karaage + tatsutaage) chicken as well as pickled ginger and some tsukudani.
Because it is the start of the New Year, they also gave me a furoshiki.

Apparently an artist, Okamoto Kohei created the furoshiki.

"Kansei" is written on the right hand side and roughly means that during the winter, almost all the trees are "white", their leaves have fallen and dried up but only the matsu (pine) stays "green".

This saying was revered by actor Ken Takakura who tried to live by this phrase.

I know that there will be a lot lost in translation, but I believe this means that no matter how hard things are in life, we should be kind to others, believe in the good and continue to emit positive energy. 

We'll be back.


5-16-1 Kamata

Ota, Tokyo

Phone: 03.3738.5736

Open daily 7:30-17:00

p.s. Since we have had 1200 and 1500 cases over the past two days...eep!

Tokyo and some of the surrounding prefectures are FINALLY headed for a shutdown. 

I think they will declare it tomorrow, so I'll keep you posted as to what will happen.

Take care everyone.


Anonymous said...

what a score, furoshiki is so expensive, just a tiny one costs about $5!
I USED to look for them to use as gift wraps when I USED to go to Japan.
Before Shirokiya Village walk closed down due to covid, there was a place that used to sell either soboro or sukiyaki bento. Both were so good. I hope they open again when the tourist come back.

K and S said...

the furoshiki was a thick fabric too v, hope you can get those bento again soon!

Take care.

Rowena said...

a shop specializing in everything chicken?!? that is my kind of place! (note: I still love you KFC!)

K and S said...

love KFC too Rowena, eat it whenever they come out with a new item

Take care

jalna said...

So nice that furoshiki! Your bentos look good too.

K and S said...

The furoshiki was nice Jalna, and the bentos were ono :)

Take care!

KirkK said...

Thhat soboro looks good Kat! It's one of the Missus's favorites.

K and S said...

You should make some for the Missus, Kirk

Take care!