Friday, January 08, 2021

this and that

Even if this picture doesn't show it, yesterday was so blustery!

The weather dude had said the wind speed was like a typhoon...

All I know is that the wind was super icy, but I'm glad I was able to get out for a bit.

I first received Ellips hair oil treatment from one of Satoshi's co-workers who had travelled to Malaysia.

I was happy to find them at a 100 yen store, so I bought 1 of each different type.

These are nice to use especially during the winter.

Yesterday with all that was going on in the U.S. I needed to stress eat and bought myself a doughnut topped with all these chocolate sprinkles.

So scary and disappointing at the way things are going in the States.

I roughly followed a recipe for Scandinavian style Salmon Soup for dinner.

This was easy to make and I cut back a lot of calories by not using the cream and butter the recipe called for.

The recipe also called for filets and instructed you to take off the skin...well, the filets we have here also have BONES (such a p.i.t.a!) next time I would use sashimi grade salmon instead (no bones or skin).

We (Tokyo) and the surrounding prefectures (Kanagawa, Saitama & Chiba) were ordered into a State of Emergency (lockdown)...(Tokyo's case number yesterday was 2441! our hospitals are at 78%) from today until February 7th.

The medical experts say this is too short a time to decrease the numbers, they also say that this "lockdown" isn't severe enough because it still allows people to eat-in.

Satoshi is still going into the office.

I will try to get out for a walk every day and instead of going grocery shopping every day,  I might try to go back to grocery shopping once or twice a week.

Stay safe everyone and have a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

Stress eating. Yah, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!
I spy the piece of baguette with your salmon soup. Soup and baguette look yummy.

K and S said...

V, baguette from the same place I got the doughnut. It was my first time trying their baguette but I like it because it was kinda like sourdough.

Take care.

jalna said...

What a nice day for a walk! Your soup looks delicious!

K and S said...

Thanks Jalna, the wind was krazy though :)

Take care.

Rowena said...

you stress eating, me stress drinking. I cannot stay away from the news so I decided to do something totally wishful to take me mind of things -- reserve places to stay for vacation that offer free cancellation. I highly doubt that restrictions will ease up over Easter holidays, but if they do, we will have someplace to escape to. gahhh!

K and S said...

Crossing fingers you guys can getaway somewhere, Rowena:)

Take care.

KirkK said...

I've been trying to avoid a lot of the news recently Kat....other than the Covid stuff; which, well because of work I can't avoid. Keep safe and take care!

K and S said...

Yeah too much news is depressing Kirk

Take care.