Monday, January 25, 2021

ramen weekend

The weekend was forecast for rain, maybe some snow.

I made sure we didn’t have to venture out for food.

One thing I tried making was Dalgona Ramen.

At the beginning of the pandemic with the popular Dalgona Coffee trending, I thought Dalgona meant “foam”, but it apparently means caramel/toffee.

I saw this idea on an IG account and had to try.

I couldn’t get my caramel to the right consistency so it turned out kind of hard and I wasn't able to coat all of the ramen.

I also adlibbed and added some arare, pumpkin seeds and nuts...

This snack is similar to caramel popcorn or chex mix...

I have another idea for this, so when I get the ingredients together, I’ll post about it.

Another thing I tried was Curry Ramen, which I copied from “Midnight Diner” season 5, episode 8.

I diluted the shio (salt) ramen soup, then added a package of veggie  instant curry.

This was delicious!

In the end it didn't snow (boo!) and we didn’t have to go out on Saturday. 

On Sunday, Satoshi had to go to work and it again rained all day.

It is supposed to warm up over the next couple of days.

Have a good (safe) week.


Anonymous said...

I think Zippys makes a curry saimin and that it's one of the more popular dishes. I never tried it.

K and S said...

sounds like it would be ono, V!

Take care.

Rowena said...

I can so relate to this - I made sure we didn’t have to venture out for food. - and think home delivery for groceries is the best thing that happened during the pandemic.

jalna said...

You had me at "ramen".

Anonymous said...

when I tried the dalgona ramen, the little crumbs burnt before the chunks toasted so when I re-watched the video, I noticed she must have taken only the chunkier pieces. Looked better too. I think I'll try adding peanuts or other stuff in the mix too....fake healtier, LOL

K and S said...

I agree Rowena, home delivery of anything and everything has been a lifesaver!

Jalna :)

lol V, yup adding nuts and stuff = healthier yeah?!

Take care everyone.