Friday, January 06, 2023

this and that

The wasabi ginger ale was meh...really fizzy and you couldn't tell there was wasabi in there.
Kaldi haul...lots of new (to me) Rittersport bars, a salted caramel by Bonne Maman and a can of cream of mushroom 
The Awfully Chocolates from friend H, loved the chocolates, rich and creamy.

The packaging was cool, a can like box, perfect for colored pencils.

The roasted soba was similar to rice puffs, the gingerbread flavor was non-existent.

While walking around the neighborhood I noticed a snake shop...AND if you notice the window above their door is open...eep!

NYC Sand, a popular cookie at Tokyo Station came out with ice cream products that were only being sold at 7-eleven.

The cup version has lots of caramel in it.

The bar version has lots of chocolate chips and cookie bits in it.

We enjoyed the bar version more than the cup version.

Toshikoshi soba on the 31st for lunch
Ozoni for breakfast on the 1st
Kinmedai takikomigohan for lunch on the 1st

This was tasty though the rice after it was cooked was kind of dry
Mitarashi sauce for our mochi...1 tablespoon sugar + 1 tablespoon dashi shoyu, heat until the sugar melts and sauce gets thick

So ono!
Osechi for 2 days.

We also went on a little adventure on the 2nd but will tell you about that next time.

Have a safe weekend.


KirkK said...

Wasabi Ginger Ale sounds really weird Kat! And a snake shop??? Love the osechi, didn't get any this year.

Anonymous said...

even now, your osechi looks yummy. I forgot (didn't have time) to buy kuromame and chestnuts when I was there! Fortunately I found Hokkaido kuromame at Marukai and used an old Star Bulletin recipe for crockpot. I think this was my best batch ever! I did cut cooking time by 2 hours and even for the chestnuts. Totally forgot to make the little fishes too!
I was remembering how you guy went to Narita and had to wait 2 hours to eat unagi one year!

K and S said...

Kirk, wasabi is popular in Shizuoka so they have wasabi everything, even soft serve!

V, thanks! I always buy most of the stuff because it is too expensive to gather all the ingredients and then cook...crockpot sounds like an easy but delicious way to make the kuromame, no need to stand by the stove!

Take care you two.

jalna said...

Food looks yummy and. . . . . snake shop? What in the world?

K and S said...

As long as the snakes stay in their cages/boxes... Jalna:0

Take care!

Kay said...

Most of our Japanese friends here have ozoni for New Years but we are too lazy. We cheat and just have kinako mochi.