Thursday, January 26, 2023


One year ago we received our blood orange order from T-farm

Four years ago we were trying 175 deno tan tan men

Eight years ago we were trying zabon-zuke

Thirteen years ago we thought spring was coming

Seventeen years ago we were talking about tsukiai and other things.


Anonymous said...

Sumo oranges are here! Whole foods had them for about $3.79/lb (on sale!) and actually, Sam's Club had a flat with 6 little ones in for about $6.79. First one was little dry and not too tasty but 2nd was good. Before I saw the ones at Sam's I was at Nijiya and bought one for $4.99. It was good so worth it.
I've been buying the kakiage from Gulicks to put in my soba. I should try it as a donburi!
Wholesale Unlimited and Lin's has jabon peels that are lemony sugary that I really like. They're not bitter and from Thailand. I wonder if that's better than from China.
Love these reminiscing.

Rowena said...

the last few years I always thought spring was coming in January (due to unusually warmer temps). I take that back now; it is definitely cold this year!

K and S said...

ooh sumo oranges, V! I think they are called dekopon here.

I think this year is colder than last year Rowena, but we still have not seen any white stuff here in Tokyo, at least not where we are.

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

Man, seventeen years ago.....

K and S said...

Kirk, for real :)

Take care.