Friday, January 20, 2023

this and that

While I was getting ready on Sunday, my Swarovski pendant dropped onto the cement floor and cracked...sad!

Hoping I'll be able to find the other piece that broke off and no one steps on the piece, though I did vacuum the area...

It was a brownish Swarovski, and larger than most beads, so I hope I can find a replacement...

These wings from Shinanoya!

Grilled with a little soy sauce, so meaty, juicy and tender!

80 yen (tax included) a piece...I would get this again! 

Instead of gifts, every year we all send photos to my cousin and then she puts all of the photos together into a calendar.

She orders the calendars and sends them out to us, we finally received our calendar.

We appreciate all the work she does to put these calendars together and always look forward to seeing everyone's photos in it...thanks P!

"Someone" has been working from home at least twice a week especially on those cold days...which means the a/c aka heater is on least I can sleep an hour longer because I don't need to make his bento BUT cannot really go holo-holo (gallavanting) because I still need to get him lunch by noon...

Tokyo people...saw this furry one dressed up all spiffy

This marron danish from Hutte was so ono!

Chestnut cream, whipped cream, a whole chestnut on top and everything wrapped with a flaky pastry.
5 more months to go...

I had bought round mochi for New Years and we ended up with only 1 left.

Since I wanted to eat zenzai for breakfast but didn't want to buy another bag of large mochi, I was happy to find these cute sized mochi…105 yen (tax included)
They cook in about 2 minutes and are super soft!

I gave Satoshi the round mochi and also put a couple of star pieces in his zenzai.
Finally got to try Torikyu's nori bento (they had it on hiatus)...500 yen (tax included).

Choose konbu (seasoned seaweed) or okaka (seasoned shaved bonito) for your rice...I chose konbu.

So ono! and super reasonably priced

Glad I got a photo of this cleaning shop...they will be tearing it down soon.

How are you doing?

Have a safe weekend.


jalna said...

On the lower right corner of the mochi star package what is お汁粉? Soup powder? So cute the stars, BTW. Makes me want to eat ozoni.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! about your pendant. Perhaps you could try kintsugi to repair it? I’ve always liked how it looks afterwards, not sure if that would appeal to you of course. I think I could inhale that chestnut pastry, looks so good. Ah, what I wouldn’t do for a reasonably priced yummy bento, so few places now where I live. Take care of yourself & stay warm!

K and S said...

Jalna, Oshiruko is what those kanji mean :) the soupy version of zenzai :)

Anon, I thought about kintsugi but could only find 1 of the 2 pieces, when I ran my fingers over the area, it isn't sharp, so I'll probably continue to use the pendant :) and in the meantime look for a replacement.

Take care you two.

jalna said...

Aaaaah! Thank you!

Rowena said...

wow, a family calendar! what a great, GREAT idea Kat. I'm gonna pass that idea onto my son and siblings. :)

Anonymous said...

When I made kuromame with chestnuts for New Years, I used up my dried chestnuts and went to every store I could think of to buy more but no one had. The clerk at HMart told me to go to Chinatown. So, I find out that all the chestnuts probably come from China! I did find lots in Chinatown. Anyway, I have an order coming today from and the site did say from USA.
I was kind of wondering how chestnuts in oshiruko would taste and sounds like a good combo with the mochi, LOL.

K and S said...

Jalna, I had to look it up but kinda thought it might mean that :)

Rowena, it really is a good a idea, especially if everyone travels :) and lives in different parts of the world

V, my mom used to by her chestnuts and beans from shirakiku?! all I remember was it was in kalihi and a warehouse. If you can find the bottled chestnut in a syrup, you might want to try those too.

Take care everyone.

Anonymous said...

There used to be a Japanese wholesaler on Kohou St. I think it was called Shimaya Shoten and everyone used to buy their shogatsu supplies from them but they suddenly closed up. this was about 5 years ago.
Fortunately, Donki, Nijiya and Marukai started bringing in the tanba kuromame from Nijiya but I guess still have supply issues on a lot of stuff from Asia (from China?)

K and S said...

V, Now that you said Shimaya Shoten, I think that was the place! sad it closed down.

Take care.