Wednesday, November 22, 2006

ii fufu no hi

Today is November 22nd, written as 11/22 the Japanese call this day "ii fufu no hi" it is a kind of play on words using homonyms for the pronunciation of the numbers 1-1-2-2 to mean "good couple day". A lot of Japanese get married on this day in hopes of becoming "a good couple". It is a good day for couples to be nice to each other and show appreciation for one another.

I was in Umeda for a lesson and stopped by one of my favorite sweets counter, Tsumagari, this confectioner is actually located in Nishinomiya, about 30 minutes by train, but has a counter in Daimaru Umeda--a department store in Umeda. It is the time of year for their macarons called Kabutoyama Omoide no koishi (a pebble as a reminder of Mt. Kabuto) Mt. Kabuto is a mountain surrounding Nishinomiya. I first tasted these macarons about 2 years ago, they were giving them out as samples.

Bite-sized and so cute, it is hard just to eat one--although the chocolate ganache in the middle is quite sweet and rich.

So, tell your sweetie how much you care for them or if there is someone out there who you have your eye on, this would be a good chance to tell them!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for telling us about the meaning behind this day in Japan. I'll definatelly follow instructions and be extra sweet to the hubby when he gets home. ;)

ps. bite sized treats are the best!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Darlaing said...

what a fun idea for a day! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

K and S said...

Hi Ari and Darla,

Part of blogging that I like, is the sharing of our cultures.

Enjoy Thanksgiving and have a great weekend!


Brilynn said...

Those remind me of black and white cookies... and of the seinfeld episode where jerry says the worlds racism problems could be solved if people would just "look to the cookie". In any case, they look delicious.

K and S said...

Hi Brilynn,

The world surely needs the "cookie". These were good.

Take care.