Thursday, June 15, 2006

dark chocolates

Today it rained ALL DAY long. I think, if I didn't have a lesson to go to, I would have cooped myself inside all day. Of course, since I did have a lesson, this meant that I had to go out into the rain. I put on my Crocs and set out for the train station.

By the time I reached the station, I was dripping wet from the knees down! (so much for the umbrella!)

The only gross thing about wearing these Crocs is when you have to step into a relatively deep puddle. The feeling brought me back to highschool--when I was in marching band. We used to march in parades and of course at parades there are horses (who often poop on the roads.) The clean-up crew were usually at the very end of the parades, so this meant that we had to step into the poop--no swerving around it, we had to keep our formation and march right into it, so to speak...anyway, walking into the puddles today reminded me of this because sometimes there was no way to go around some of the puddles...needless to say, I quickly washed my feet after coming home...

Changing the subject though...I've been snacking on my dark chocolates stash...

The Moonstruck Dark Chocolates that I got from my Aunty awhile back were delicious! I really liked the Espresso Bean bar, every bite had crunchy espresso beans in it. The beans were a little bitter, but the sweetness of the chocolate really balanced it.

The Chile Variado bar was also good, unlike the Vosges' Fire Bar, this bar didn't have any cinnamon in it, so after the sweetness from the chocolate died down in your mouth, the chilies kicked in! Wow!

The Hershey's Extra Dark with Cranberries, Blueberries and Almonds that I got from my mom is a 60% cacao bar with lots of almonds, cranberries and blueberries--3 of my favorite foods to eat with dark chocolate!

Hope you are keeping dry where you are, one more day until the weekend!

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