Tuesday, June 27, 2006

the sun will come out...

You know, I should talk about rain all the time. Why? So that the sun will come out. This morning started a bit overcast, but then the sun came out and raised the temperature 6 degrees to 30C (86F), 9 degrees in other places, yipes! The weather report didn't help by reporting that the humidity was 74% (I think it is WAY higher, though!)

I wanted to share with you about the different ways people protect themselves from the sun here in Osaka. There is the sun umbrella, these umbrellas are made of fabric and sometimes so frilly I think they are just for decoration. The one I have can be used in rain or sun, but the best part, is that it has an aluminum coating on the inside, this is to supposedly stop the UV rays.

Or you could be like this lady and cover up from head to toe. They also sell UV gloves here, you can get them in short versions or long versions.

If you look closely at the picture with the ladies walking above, you'll see a lady with white gloves on as she pushes her bicycle. I am puzzled as to why women wear gloves to only cover up their hands, what about the exposed area from your wrists to the end of your blouse? She is also wearing a visor that pulls down over your face, I have often been scared by some of these women speeding around on their bicycles looking like welders or Darth Vader!

Changing the subject, awhile back I had bought a pre-made curry rue and totally forgot all about it in my pantry. So, yesterday, I made a pot of curry. Curry? but it is so hot...it is also another one of Satoshi's favorite foods.

The good thing about using the rue is that it makes making curry easy! The bad thing about the rue is that there are LOTS of preservatives in it. This version also had a demi-glace sauce packet. After sauteeing the onions, I added hamburger (or mince as it is called in Japan), then added the water amount that is written on the package and added my veggies. After the veggies are soft, add the rue and demi-glace packet and you have dinner! The demi-glace really toned down the spiciness of the curry.

If you ever eat curry with rice (curry rice as it is called in Japan), most places just have the curry sauce and rice, no meat, no veggies, just the sauce and rice.

Tonight's dinner was the curry with a pre-made beef croquette and green salad. Beef croquettes are made with mashed potatoes, onions and ground beef, they are molded into a little patty and then fried.
Well, I have started eating into my dark chocolate stash which I bought on my trip home this past April.

Baratti & Milano's Ecuador bar is a 75% cacao dark chocolate. It is quite bitter but really delicious.

Hope you are keeping cool where you are!


Anonymous said...

Nice cultural insight! Yes protecting oneself agaisnt the sun is key! And I would not mind a piece of this chocolate,please!

K and S said...

Hi Bea,

You better hurry, this chocolate is going fast!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kat,

Glad to see that the sun came out to shine for you! Great curry!

K and S said...

Hi Ivonne,

Thanks again!